Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC is the original inventor and developer of our product, Magnetic Privacy Blinds (MPBS), and has been manufacturing them for over ten years.


In 2016 we were granted a Patent for our blinds by the US Patent & Trademark Office.  Our company is a sole source manufacturer and distributor of the original Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens.  

We believe the safety of our clients is paramount.


MPBS help you keep your tactical advantage and is an excellent way to address PREA and HIPAA concerns.

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email: wildbuffaloti@gmail.com 


You can find us on the web at:

wildbuffaloti.com & jailblinds.com


Noise Suppression Blind with View Port

MPBS™, Patented Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens is a trademark of Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovatons LLC.

United Stated Patent US 9,345,357  B1, protected by the US Patent Office.  
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