Our Policies & Disclaimers

Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC manufactures Patented Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens exclusively for Government Local, State and Federal Corrections, Law Enforcement Agencies & Mental Health facilities. All requests for an estimate must come directly from the agency in need of our blinds.

Custom Orders are not refundable.


All orders are shipped via FEDEX with delivery confirmation. Shipping fees are not refundable under any circumstance.



Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations, LLC assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from tampering with the magnets in our Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens.  The buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the magnets, which include personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages.  The magnets used in the blinds and screens we sell are extremely strong, and must be handled with care to avoid personal injury to oneself and damage to the magnets and other property. Fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attracting magnets.


Never allow the magnets near a person with a pacemaker or similar medical aid. The strong magnetic fields of the magnet can affect the operation of such devices.

The magnets should never be burned, as burning them will create toxic fumes and exposure to heat above 175◦ F or 80◦ C will reduce the strength of the magnets.


Children should not be allowed to handle the magnets as they can be dangerous and they are not suitable as toys or for any use by a minor. Small magnets pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body.

Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screen are to be used only for the purpose intended and are never to be used as a blanket, comforter, shield, weapon or a protective device.  Noise Suppression Blinds contain fiberglass which may be harmful and cause serious medical illness if tampered with.  Wild Buffalo Technologies & LLC assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from tampering with Noise Suppression Blinds. Children should not be allowed to handle the blinds and screens as they can be dangerous and they are not suitable as toys or for any use by a minor. The blinds and screens pose a smothering hazard and should never be placed over the head nose or mouth of a child or adult.


Trademarks Patents and Brand Identity:


The Company owns the patent and all the trademarks associated with the product. The Company has exclusive rights covered by U.S. Patent Office. United Stated Patent for the magnetic privacy screen and curtains, its functions, and design. The Company is the exclusive licensee of the trademarks, patents and copyrights relating to the product, packaging and promotional material.


This brand identity is a valuable asset of  the company and delivers a unique promise to its customers of solutions that are simple and useful. Everyone – including the company’s licensees, employees, contractors, suppliers, distributors, consultants, developers, and even those with no relationship with the company- will benefit from the use of the trademark.

The company therefore regards its existing and future patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related intellectual property as significant to its success and will aggressively protect its intellectual property rights. Purchase or use of the product does not give or imply to the buyer or user any rights, licenses or permission to use in any way, the intellectual property of the company.


Intellectual Property Notice:


The contents of this website, including any and all ideas, concepts, inventions, designs, screen displays, artwork, photographs, text, information and other original and creative material disclosed herein constitute proprietary intellectual property of Wild Buffalo Technology and Innovation, LLC and are legally protected under United States and International patent, trademark and copyright laws.  Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, publication or other use of such materials is strictly prohibited and subject to prosecution and penalties under civil and criminal law.


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