Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens (MPBS™)
                                                       Correctional and Law Enforcement Facilities

MPBS™ eliminate the threat by:

- removing bulky metal frames from correctional settings

- being made of durable materials, fitted with industrial strength 
  magnets, designed and sized for specific needs

- by providing effective coverage for security or privacy and not taking
  up valuable space

- eliminating the risk of injury and liability of someone tripping over

  them or being assaulted by metal frames of the old style medical roll
  around blinds.

MPBS' patented designs are much more appealing and add a more professional look to your facility.


Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens (MPBS™)
                                                                     Medical & Educational Institutions


​MPBS provide instant privacy with these instant blackout blinds.

​MPBS are light & flexible and require no assembly.


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Noise Suppression Blind with View Port

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