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About Our Company

Gilberto (Gil) Davila, Jr. and his wife, Tatyana, founded Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations, LLC in Fort Myers, FL in 2010. The company is currently based in New York.


Gil worked as a Florida Sheriff’s Corrections Deputy and was a member of the Lee County Sheriff's Office CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Team). He saw the need for a greater level of safety and security for the correctional officers on his team, especially when they were responding to incidents such as cell extractions, searches, or prison disturbances that involved uncooperative or violent inmates. Gil also saw a need for safety measures that would help protect prisoners from other inmates, reduce the likelihood of sexual assaults, and easily separate female detainees from male detainees when they were being processed or held in the same intake area. Gil and Tatyana worked for months to develop a line of magnetic privacy blinds made from durable materials that magnetically attach to any type of steel door, window, mesh, or grate.


Gilberto Davila of Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC was awarded a patent for his invention of the Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens (MPBS™) also known as Jail Blinds, in 2016. Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC is the sole source manufacturer of these magnetic privacy blinds and screens.


Magnetic privacy blinds or jail blinds can be deployed in areas such as intake and inmate processing, holding cells, transfer cells, medical units, dorms, recreation areas, hallways, offices, court holding cells, attorney rooms, exam rooms, juvenile cells, shower areas, and so many more.


At Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations, LLC, we believe the safety of those who serve and protect others is of paramount importance and that is our primary goal. Our magnetic privacy blinds and screens help officers stay safe by helping them maintain order and to have a tactical advantage when necessary. In addition, our magnetic privacy blinds and screens are used by many local, state, and federal facilities across the country to help them address HIPAA, PREA, and other privacy concerns.


Whether old or new construction, we can customize our blinds to fit facility needs. Contact us for a FREE quote!

About the founders Tatyana and Gil
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