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Magnetic Jail Blinds Offer Increased Safety and Security for Jails and Prisons

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

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If you work in a jail or prison, you’ve likely dealt with a shortage of workers at your facility. It’s a serious nationwide issue. Jails and prisons across the country are facing extreme staff shortages. About one-third of federal officer positions are vacant, and state prisons are experiencing staff shortages of nearly 70 percent. The correctional officers, civilians, and medical staff that remain at these facilities must work long, stressful hours in what was already a not-so-safe environment, where inmates often outnumber officers in drastic numbers. The safety risk only increases every time an officer retires or quits due to burnout.

In addition, most facilities lack the funding and support that’s needed to address these safety concerns. Incorporating new steel frames in doors, windows, and holding areas is extremely expensive, and many local, county, state, and federal facilities simply do not have budgets for projects like this. However, simple solutions that will increase safety and security for jails and prisons are closer than many agencies know. Best of all, those solutions will not break the budget!

Magnetic prison blinds or magnetic jail blinds are an amazing and readily available option that facilities can choose in lieu of costly new construction. Custom-sized magnetic jail blinds easily attach to any metal frame, door, or window, which means facilities get the same safety benefits as they would with new construction, but they’re spared the expense of hiring architects or project managers or ordering expensive hardware and devices. The blinds can be used to limit what inmates see when they’re held at intake, in the rec yard, on medical floors, in transfer cells, or in court holding cells. The blinds can even prevent male and female inmates from seeing each other or create a separate juvenile area.

As a former corrections deputy, I understand facilities’ challenges, budgeting, security, and safety, and that’s why jail blinds are Wild Buffalo’s only product. We aim to produce a high-quality product that will last for years. We rely on word of mouth from happy clients so that we can eliminate costly advertising fees and pass the savings on to our customers.

Do not settle for imitation jail blinds or a cheap counterfeit product from other suppliers. Officers and other staff members are more valuable than that. Wild Buffalo is the trusted source for many local, state, and federal law enforcement and correction agencies. C.E.R.T and other emergency team commanders also use our tactical jail blinds to keep their officers safe, and that says a lot. Wild Buffalo Magnetic Blinds is the original, premier, preferred, and only U.S. patented supplier of top-rated magnetic jail blinds and magnetic prison blinds.

Correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies across the United States trust Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations to provide premium top-quality magnetic privacy blinds and screens. Our magnetic blinds are a superior product that we make – and stand by – to protect our everyday unseen heroes as they go about their daily duties.


Don't waste your resources on imitations that don't work. Contact Wild Buffalo about our jail blinds today!


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