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A Simple Solution to Staff and Inmate Safety Concerns!

Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations, LLC is the original inventor and the only authorized U.S. manufacturer of patented Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens (MPBS) known as Jail Blinds for local state, and federal law enforcement and correctional facilities. 

ERT Units:

During riots, disturbances, or contraband searches, magnetic privacy blinds and screens help officers maintain a tactical advantage when they stack up for entry.


In situations where males and females may be held in cells across from each other, magnetic privacy blinds and screens create a total visual barrier.


Magnetic privacy blinds and screens can enhance privacy in selected areas that must adhere to HIPAA & PREA requirements, such as medical areas and/or showers.


Magnetic privacy blinds and screens control what the inmates can see. Eliminate gang signs and other non-verbal communication between the inmates.


For adult and juvenile facilities, magnetic privacy blinds and screens will help isolate individuals or groups from one another in transfer cells, or court holding cells, and can greatly reducing noise. 

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About Our Products

Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC manufactures Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens (MPBS™) also known as Jail Blinds which were designed by a former Florida Sheriff’s Corrections Deputy and member of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT). Our modern, space-saving door and window coverings reduce noise and help facility officers and staff perform their duties, manage inmate behavior, safely respond to incidents, and generally maintain a greater level of control at their facility.


All of our magnetic privacy blinds and screens are made from durable fabric that magnetically attach to any type of metal (except aluminum) door, window, mesh, or grate. Each is manufactured to precise measurements (within three-quarter inch) and specifications set forth by the client, and each is designed to meet their particular requirements. These magnetic privacy blinds and screens can be deployed in areas such as intake, inmate processing holding cells, transfer cells, medical units, dorms, recreation areas, hallways, offices, court holding cells, attorney rooms, exam rooms, juvenile cells, shower areas, and so much more. Our sound-dampening and noise-suppression blinds are particularly helpful for doors and windows that feature open metal screens or grates.


Magnetic privacy blinds and screens are a GREAT solution for separating male and female inmates and maintaining HIPAA and PREA requirements!


A Simple Solution to Staff and Inmate Safety Concerns!


Due to our high technical standards and rigorous quality control, correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies across the United States trust Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC to provide premium top-quality Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens. Don't waste your resources on imitations that don't work! Contact Wild Buffalo today!


  • What types of metal will your magnetic blinds adhere to?
    They’ll attach to any metal doors, grates, or window frames. They do not attach to aluminum, but we can suggest other options. Ask us how.
  • Are all your magnetic jail blinds custom orders?
    Yes. We offer custom sizes and designs, including standard solid blinds, blinds with view ports, and sight-and-sound suppression blinds with or without view ports. All are made from durable fabric and assembled in the USA.
  • How are your orders shipped?
    All orders are shipped via FedEx with delivery confirmation.
  • How should we measure for proper fit?
    Measure the windows from the outer edge of the frame, width by height. If you have any questions at all about how to take measurements or estimate sizes, please don't hesitate to contact us today by visiting the contact us page. We are ready to assist you!
  • Do your magnetic blinds and screens block key entries or food pass openings?
    No. Our patented magnetic privacy blinds will not block key entry or food pass openings.
  • What materials are the magnetic privacy blinds made from?
    Our blinds are made out of durable fabric that will not rot, mold, or mildew.
  • Are your blinds made of stiff, non-foldable magnetic sheets?
    No, our blinds are made to be flexible with easily adjustable material.
  • Do the magnetic privacy blinds slide or fall off the doors/windows?
    No. We designed our magnetic privacy blinds to stay securely attached to the metal frames.
  • Where are the magnetic blinds and screens manufactured?
    Our magnetic privacy blinds are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.
  • What is the recommended cleaning procedure for your magnetic privacy blinds?
    Our magnetic privacy blinds can be cleaned with any soft soap cleaner or simply hosed down with water.
  • Can your blinds be washed in a washing machine or ironed?
    No. Our blinds should not be washed in a washing machine or ironed as doing so may damage the blinds.
  • How should your blinds and screens be stored?
    No additional storage space required. Our magnetic privacy blinds do not take up any space when you leave them valanced at top of the window/door frames. As an alternative, they can be easily folded and put in a drawer.
  • Who do you sell your blinds to?
    We custom make our blinds exclusively for federal, state, local, and private correctional, law enforcement, mental health facilities, and other municipalities.
  • What is the process for ordering magnetic privacy blinds from Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC?
    Once we receive a request from an agency, we will provide a written estimate.
  • What colors do the blinds and screens come in?
    The most common colors for corrections/law enforcement facilities are Tactical Black, Dolphin Grey and Desert Tan.
  • What are your prices?
    Each unit of our magnetic privacy blinds is a custom order that is tailored to fit your specific needs, so prices vary with sizes and types of blinds.
  • What type of blinds do you offer?
    Our patented custom magnetic privacy blinds come as regular blinds, blinds with a view port, flex doors, noise-suppression blinds, and noise-suppression blinds with view port.
  • How do the noise-suppression blinds differ from the standard solid blinds?
    Our patented noise-suppression blinds significantly reduce noise.
  • Is the view port made from plastic or is it just an opening?
    The view ports in our blinds (a window with a flap) are made of the same material as the blinds. They offer quick view access, so the entire blind doesn't have to be moved.
  • If the blinds or screens are damaged, can they be repaired?
    Yes. Please feel free to contact us (contact page) if you have any questions about damaged blinds and repairs. We are happy to be of assistance.
  • If the blinds or screens are damaged beyond repair, can the material be recycled?
    Yes. Please contact us (contact page) if you wish to learn more.
  • What is your return/refund policy?
    Custom-manufactured blinds are not returnable or refundable. Shipping fees are not refundable under any circumstance.
  • What are the payment options?
    We accept purchase orders, municipal checks, and credit cards.


Our customers in the law enforcement and correctional fields tell us that our magnetic privacy blinds and screens enhance security, safety, and privacy, and are visual appealing at their facilities. Our jail blinds help officers and staff maintain safety and order, especially during emergency situations and contingency operations. Our jail blinds can help improve the safety of staff, inmates, and correctional officers at any and all municipal local, state, and federal facilities across the U.S. Read a few of our customers’ testimonials. As our motto goes: Be well, be safe and keep your tactical advantage!

The privacy blinds are awesome. Great quality and they work perfect for what we need them for.
We will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thank you.


April 2022



Proud Member of the American Correctional Association

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MPBS™, Patented Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens is a trademark of Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC. United States Patent US 9,345,357 B1, protected by the US Patent Office. Copyright © 2017-2022 Wild Buffalo Technology and Innovation, LLC. All rights reserved.

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