Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations LLC has become the premier and the most trusted vendor in providing Correctional and Law Enforcement Agencies with our patented Magnetic Privacy Blinds & Screens (MPBS™) throughout the United States.  

Don't waste your resources on other imitations that don't work!

Our blinds are great for:

  • CERT/ERT Units: during riots, disturbances or contraband searches. Keep your tactical advantage when you stack up for entry or extraction.

  • INTAKE HOLDING: where males and females may be held in cells across from each other.

  • MEDICAL/SHOWERS: enhancing privacy in selected areas such as MEDICAL and/or SHOWERS to adhere to HIPAA & PREA requirements.

  • REC YARDS and DORM UNITS: reduce noise and control what the inmates see and eliminate gang signs and other non-verbal communication between the inmates.

  • Reducing facility construction costs as Magnetic Privacy Binds can also be used for SIGHT & SOUND SEPARATION in adult facilities with DJJ/juvenile sectors or in court holding cells.

We offer:


            - Regular with or without View Ports

            - Sight & Sound Noise Suppression Blinds with or
View Ports

Our blinds:


  • ATTACH & STAY ON ALL STEEL DOORS, WINDOWS, MESH SCREENS & GRATES - They will not slide or fall off



  • Cannot be used as a weapon 

  • Can easily be cut with the 911 tool

  • Proudly designed & assembled in the U.S.A.


       MPBS™  offer the officers the upper hand in controlling what the inmates see and eliminate inmates' non-verbal communication.  MPBS™ provide appropriate privacy in some areas as showers.  MPBS™'s modern space saving design do not take up valuable space and have no dangerous metal pipes, like the old fashioned roll around blinds.  MPBS™'s design is effective, long lasting and much more appealing.  Use our blinds to add a more professional look to your facility's appearance.

   MPBS™ suit a facility’s security, privacy, PREA requirements and HIPAA laws by creating the visual and sound barriers. Possible application areas may include intake/processing areas, isolation cells, medical units, direct observation, shower areas, general offices, female areas, recreation yards, transfer cells, infirmary areas and courthouse holding cell doors and windows.

       Individual MPBS™ blinds do not block any food pass openings or key entries. MPBS™ also eliminate the inmates’ abilities to communicate via sign language, gang signs and other non-verbal communication. They can also be used to prevent males and females from having sight of each other in areas such as Intake or Court appearance holding areas. The larger blinds create an easy concealment of bay windows for special response teams during disturbances or riots; while smaller blinds offer a quick and easy cover for cell extraction or individual isolations. No size too large or too small.  Our MPBS™ are patented and are currently being used by many facilities across the country for the past 10 years. Contact us today for a free quote.

Don't Let an Inefficient Design Undermine Your Safety!

Noise Suppression Blind with View Port

Noise Suppression Blind (awesome for metal grates)

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