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The Advantages of Magnetic Window Blinds in a Correctional Facility

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

What are the advantages of magnetic window blinds in a correctional facility? For professionals working in correctional facilities, including officers, medical staff, intake members, and civilians, maintaining safety and security is a number-one priority. Magnetic window blinds provide a very simple solution to help increase safety and security and help maintain a greater level of control at the facility as well.

Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens (MPBS) easily attach to any metal frame, such as those surrounding various windows throughout most facilities. The best part? They magnetically attach to frames, so no tools are required. Not only does this make installation easier and more convenient, but it also increases safety for everyone by eliminating items that can be used as weapons in the event that inmates get unruly or create disturbances.

Magnetic window blinds and curtains ensure that inmates do not communicate from cell to cell or dorm to dorm via sign language, and they also prevent inmates from learning the daily routines of officers. In high-traffic areas such as intake, holding/transfer cells, or medical floors, magnetic blinds for windows can help to visually separate male and female inmates and otherwise assist in addressing Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) concerns.

By reducing or eliminating the ability of inmates to communicate visually, these tools can cut down on intimidation tactics such as facial expressions and stares, flashing of body parts, and gang signs or hand gestures directed toward other inmates or correctional staff members. This helps to keep the floors more quiet, orderly, and safer.

A Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) member designed these simple magnetic curtains to help eliminate some of the most dangerous situations that correctional staff may find themselves in. Magnetic blinds for windows can prevent diversionary tactics that inmates may employ in special housing units or dorm areas and help eliminate situations in which officers are drawn away from one location so that inmates can create a larger disturbance, riot, or attack.

In the event that a riot does occur, magnetic window blinds are a great resource for emergency response teams to deploy within seconds as they muster and prepare to make entry. This helps prevent the inmates from viewing the CERT’s overall coordination and learning how many officers are available. CERT members can then keep a tactical advantage that helps keep everyone safe and put an end to the situation quickly.

Officers are entrusted with providing care, control, and custody of the inmates in a highly stressful and dangerous job. While magnetic blinds for windows may appear to be a simple add-on solution, they provide a surprising number of benefits within a correctional facility, helping to make the officers’ jobs just a little bit easier and safer.


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