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Care, Control, and Custody Come with Many Windows of Opportunity for Inmates

Those who serve as law enforcement officers and detention officers work in noble and decent careers, and those who wear the badge take pride in what they do. Unfortunately, their jobs are becoming much more difficult. Over the last few years, the country has seen a large movement across many states and counties to defund the police, reduce or eliminate funding for detention centers, or even close down detention facilities. This often results in inmates being transferred to already crowded facilities, which further strains a system that has been historically overcrowded, underappreciated, underfunded, and mostly undermanned.

Safety concerns increase as officers, support, and equipment decrease. However, officers are still expected to do their jobs with the same level of effectiveness and efficiency, providing care, control, and custody. One of the most dangerous times for officers is when they’re transferring inmates to different locations, such as transfer cells, temporary holding cells, medical units, recreation yards, or open dorm times. During a transfer, inmates are often able to see a lot of the open operations, officer manpower, and other inmates, and they have a lot of time to come up with plans. Transfers are prime moments for fights, riots, and even deadly assaults on officers.

Here's the good news: Many of these threats can be reduced or eliminated when a facility installs Wild Buffalo Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens. Jail blinds, like our magnetic window blinds, can be placed on any door or window to create fast and simple solutions that increase officer safety as well as overall facility safety. Magnetic jail blinds can prevent inmates from viewing officers’ routines or daily operations, stop cell-to-cell sign language, and hereby disrupt or eliminate plans to hinder operations, to assault other inmates, and to attack officers. Wild Buffalo was founded by a former corrections deputy who knows that eliminating these threat possibilities is paramount to officer safety., otherwise known as, is proud to be a law-enforcement-friendly, family-owned operation that provides simple safety solutions via patented magnetic window blinds. Start the new year off right: Be well and stay safe by using Wild Buffalo Magnetic Privacy Blinds to keep your tactical advantage!


Correctional institutions and law enforcement agencies across the United States trust Wild Buffalo Technologies & Innovations to provide premium top-quality Magnetic Privacy Blinds and Screens. Don't waste your resources on imitations that don't work! Contact Wild Buffalo about our Jail Blinds today!


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